Applicazione di pellicole di protezione solare

Sun Control Film, Installation

Installation instructions for sun protection films

Material and tools required for fitting the sun protection film

  • Glass cleaner
  • Car tinting film
  • Spray bottle -Distilled water (to avoid water stains)
  • Assembly concentrate (for the preparation of an assembly solution)
  • Glass scraper
  • Lint-free cloths (e.g. binding fleece, cleaning cloth roll or kitchen paper)
  • Puller with rubber lip
  • sharp knife / cutter
  • Adhesive tape (Tesafilm / Tesakrepp), if necessary.
  • Straight edge (for processing roll material)
  • Rubber squeegee, Hard Card

Working environment

It makes sense to wear lint-free clothing. Cleanliness and freedom from dust have top priority. Mounting should not be carried out at temperatures below 6 C or above 28 C on the mounting side.

Producing the assembly fluid

Prepare an assembly fluid in a spray bottle from distilled water and an assembly concentrate according to the mixing ratio.

Cleaning the glass surface for fitting the sun protection film

Thoroughly clean the mounting side of the pane to obtain an optimal result. Before cleaning with liquid, remove dried or insoluble dirt such as paint splashes with the glass scraper and, if necessary, acetone or similar. No dirt or dust particles should remain on the glass.

Cutting the sun protection film to size

Cut the film so that it extends at least 2 cm beyond the glass on each side. Then you can loosen a small piece of the protective film applied to the adhesive side of the film at one corner and fold it over so that you can easily remove the protective film later.

Mounting the prepared sun protection film

Now spray the assembly fluid onto the assembly side of the pane with the spray bottle. Make sure that the entire pane is sufficiently wet. The liquid on the pane and the film enables precise placement of the film on the pane and wrinkle-free installation.

To be able to process the sun protection film on its own, take it so that the adhesive side is facing you and place ("stick") it on the wet glass. The moistened glass will cause the film to stick to it. Now the protective film can be removed and the film on the adhesive side can also be sufficiently moistened. Please make sure that the film does not slip off the pane.

If someone is helping you with the film, they can hold the film while you remove the protective film and moisten the adhesive side sufficiently with water.

Now the film can be applied with the wet adhesive side on the also wet glass pane and aligned correctly. Spray the outside of the film with mounting fluid to improve the glide of the squeegee. Once the film is in place, start to squeegee out the mounting fluid from the centre, first with a rubber squeegee, then with a smaller squeegee. All the mounting fluid must or will be squeegeed out and the film will adhere to the pane without wrinkles.

Cutting the mounted sun protection film to size

Using a cutter and straight edge, you can now carefully cut off the protruding edges of the film. To avoid kinks in the film, we recommend cutting the corners first. A margin of approx. 1 mm should be left between the film and the window frame so that you can completely squeegee out the remaining installation fluid.


Never touch the adhesive side while it is dry and no part of the film should be dry on the adhesive side during installation. Moisten your fingers before you need to touch the film without the protective film.


To finish, moisten the outside of the sun protection film again with the installation fluid and try to squeegee out as much of it as possible with the rubber squeegee. Repeat this with a smaller plastic squeegee.

Finally, wipe the water off the edges with an absorbent cloth as well. Wipe the entire sun protection film with a soft cloth, paying particular attention to the edge area. Here you can squeegee smaller areas again if necessary.

Depending on the weather conditions (temperature/humidity), your film needs approx. 28 -35 days to dry out. The drying process may cause streaks to form for a short time. Small water inclusions are normal and disappear depending on the temperature during drying as the water diffuses through the film.

The sun protection film should not be cleaned until it is completely dry. Afterwards, the sun protection film can be cleaned like any conventional window pane. We recommend cleaning the sun protection film with a mild glass cleaner for optimum protection. Please do not use any agents containing ammonia or methylated spirits for cleaning.

If you follow the care instructions above, we are confident that you will enjoy your Armolan tinting film for many years to come.

Here you can download the assembly instructions to print out

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