Retrait des films de protection solaire

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Your window is equipped with a sun protection film that technologically belongs to the first generations of glass films or the requirements for a heat protection film or safety film have changed? You would like to increase the tinting level of your car tinting film to achieve greater privacy, heat protection or another visual impression?

Then read here how you can remove an existing sun protection film. Basically, it should be noted that sun protection film or car tinting film can be removed without leaving any residue.

If you are still looking for a replacement, you can find out about a replacement in our shop, no matter whether it should be a car tinting film, building film or a protective film - there is certainly a suitable sun protection film.

Removing sun protection films

You will need this:

  • a spray bottle with a water-soap mixture
  • a lint-free cloth
  • a glass scraper or a commercially available ceramic hob scraper
  • and/or a steel sponge

Procedure for removing glass films:

Loosen the film at one corner and pull it off the window in one go. With high-quality sun protection films, this is usually possible without the film tearing.

After removing the film, spray the glass pane generously with a water-soap mixture.

On flat glass panes and when removing film from the rear windows of cars, you can use a glass scraper or a commercially available ceramic hob scraper to remove the adhesive residue from the pane.

When removing film from the rear window of a car, it is strongly recommended to use a steel sponge so that the heating wires of the vehicle are not damaged by the glass scraper. A glass scraper does not leave any scratches on the glass itself. However, you should keep the window with the adhesive residue constantly wet so that the adhesive is soaked and the sliding of the scraper is ensured.

Abschlieend die Scheibe und den Rahmen mit einem fusselfreien Tuch trocken reiben.

If desired, a new car tinting film can now be applied.

IMPORTANT: Take your time and work thoroughly so that no adhesive residue remains on the pane!

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