Entretien et nettoyage des films pour vitres

Hints and care tips for Architectural Film and Automotive Film

Sun protection films as well as car tinting films are high-quality, high-tech products that should retain their function for years - for your protection or safety. In order to maintain your enjoyment of them in the long term, there is nevertheless a simple rule to be observed when dealing with sun protection films.

One basic point is that a film must never be cleaned dry! Dust particles as well as the smallest grains of sand can adhere invisibly to the surface and would, for example, if a dry cloth were wiped over the dry surface of the film, "injure" the surface like sandpaper. You can also observe the whole thing on the display of your smartphone, although made of glass, small scratches and unsightly spots will appear here at some point.

Even when cleaning with a damp cloth, it should be ensured that no improper cleaning agents are used, which could also attack the surface of the sun protection films. There is no need for expensive or even special cleaning agents, even simple warm water with a little washing-up liquid or a soap solution is wonderfully suitable for cleaning the surfaces of the sun protection films mildly and effectively. Conventional window cleaning products can also be used.

However, you must refrain from using aggressive cleaning agents and especially cleaning agents that contain abrasive particles, as these would also "hurt" and damage the surface.

If you have large areas to clean, please change the water used for cleaning regularly to remove any dust or sand particles that may accumulate in the water.

You can use a soft chamois, soft microfibre cloth or a soft sponge for cleaning. If you want to remove the surface with a rubber squeegee, the rubber lip should be cleaned with a soft cloth before each new application on the surface of the film so that no adhering dirt can damage the surface during removal.

Heavier soiling, such as grease or paint etc., can be removed before it has dried by gently rubbing the affected areas with a soft cloth or cotton wool / cotton swab and a cleaning fluid. Then wipe thoroughly with clear water and then clean the entire pane as you would for normal soiling.

When cleaning the surfaces, you should pay special attention to the edges of the sun protection film. When installing outdoors, these should be sealed with a neutrally cross-linked silicone, but when installing indoors, a small gap often remains between the film and the window frame. Here, care should be taken to ensure that no dirt or moisture gets under the film edges during cleaning. Simply always wipe in the direction of the centre of the film and then finish by carefully cleaning the edges with a soft cloth.

Suitable cleaning products are:

  • Soapy water solution
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Glass cleaner, diluted
  • Vinegar cleaner
  • Isopropyl alcohol, max. 45%

If you are unsure, you can generally test all cleaning agents first on small areas in invisible places, or on the edge, to see whether they attack the surface of the film.

Harmful cleaning agents and / or cleaning aids include the following:

  • Rough and coarse cleaning cloths or sponges
  • Blades, knives, scrapers and other sharp-edged objects / tools
  • Scouring milk, as well as other abrasive cleaners
  • Strong alkaline cleaners
  • Acetone or other solvents