Application of car tinting film

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Installation instructions for car tinting films

Material and tools required for fitting the tinting film

  • Glass cleaner
  • Car tinting film
  • Spray bottle -Distilled water (to avoid water stains)
  • Assembly concentrate (for the preparation of an assembly solution)
  • Soap, talcum powder or baby powder
  • Glass scraper
  • Lint-free cloths (e.g. binding fleece, cleaning cloth roll or kitchen paper)
  • Puller with rubber lip
  • sharp knife / cutter
  • Adhesive tape (Tesafilm / Tesakrepp), if necessary.
  • Straight edge (for processing roll material)
  • Hot air blower
  • Rubber squeegee, Hard Card

Working environment

Your working environment should be closed and as dust-free as possible. Furthermore, the floor should be insensitive to water. It also makes sense to wear lint-free clothing. Cleanliness and dust-free conditions have top priority. Assembly should not take place at temperatures below 10 C or above 28 C.

Producing the assembly fluid

Prepare an assembly fluid in a spray bottle from distilled water and an assembly concentrate according to the mixing ratio.

Clean the glass surface to prepare the film - outside = shrink side

Now clean the outside of the pane so that, in a first step, the film fits your pane exactly (shrink). Before cleaning with liquid, remove dried or insoluble dirt such as paint splashes with the glass scraper and acetone or similar. After the pane has been cleaned, use the existing moisture and rub the pane with the soap. To do this, take a piece of the cleaning cloth roll, moisten the inside with water, place the piece of soap in the middle, fold it over and lather up some soap. Then rub it into the pane and dry it with a hot air blower - a thin layer of soap remains.

Alternatively, you can dry the window after cleaning and use talcum powder or baby powder instead of soap, which you can also apply to the car window in a thin layer with the help of a cloth. By applying the soap or powder, you allow the film to float on the glass during shrinking, which is necessary to adapt the tinting film exactly to the curvature of your car window.

Cutting and shrinking the tinting film

Now wipe a large "H" in the middle of the pane with a damp cloth to fix the film to the pane in the next step and yet not remove the prepared soap or powder layer. This will hold the film in place on the glass in the areas that do not need to be shrunk. Now place the roll of film, already roughly pre-cut lengthwise, with the liner (protective film on the adhesive side of the tinting film) facing upwards on the outside of the car window and squeegee the film without wrinkles at the "H" - the damp spots. Please note that the film only shrinks in the longitudinal direction (as the film is unrolled). The wrinkles that have now formed (the excess film) must be on the top and bottom of the pane. Now roughly cut the film to the outer window pane dimensions. Also make any cut-outs for windscreen wipers or rear lights. Now, with the help of the hot air dryer and a squeegee (or even a Kevlar glove), thermally adjust the tinting film exactly to the car window. If the film is wrinkle-free over its entire surface, it can now be cut precisely along the screen printing edge with a cutter in the last step. To do this, shine a small, strong work lamp or torch from the inside along the area to be cut and cut from the outside at the same time.

Now that the film is exactly prepared for mounting, pull off half of the liner and, using the spray bottles, spray the prepared mounting liquid onto the film, put the liner back on and get it again on the remaining half. Afterwards, the film can be loosely rolled up and put aside until you have completed the next step and the film is now installed.

Cleaning the glass surface to prepare for mounting - inside = mounting side

Before cleaning with liquid, remove dried-on or non-soluble dirt such as paint splashes with the glass scraper and acetone or similar. Then spray the pane generously with glass cleaner and remove the dirty water with the squeegee. Please also clean the rim and the frame seal carefully. Repeat the cleaning process a second time. Wipe the rim areas and the rubber seal clean and dry with the lint-free cloth. Make sure that the pane is dust-free and clean. An environment that is as dust-free as possible (if necessary, moisten the floor to bind dust) also contributes to a better result.

Mounting the prepared tinting film

Spray the installation fluid on the inside of the window (= installation side) with the spray bottle again. The fluid on the window and the film enables precise placement of the film on the window and wrinkle-free installation. Now remove the liner completely from the prepared film and align the film correctly on the car window. Then start to squeegee out the installation fluid from the centre, first with a rubber squeegee, then with the squeegee. All of the installation fluid must or will be squeegeed out and the film will adhere to the pane without wrinkles.

Any residual liquid will disappear after complete drying. Check the edges again and squeegee again if necessary.


When cleaning with the glass scraper, pull the blade lengthwise on any heating wires or antennas, never push or pull across the wire here.

The adhesive side must never be touched while it is dry and no part of the film must be dry on the adhesive side during installation.


To finish, simply go over the entire tinting film again with a soft cloth, paying particular attention to the edge area. If necessary, you can squeegee smaller areas again.

Depending on the weather conditions (temperature/humidity), your film needs approx. 14 days to dry out. During this time you should keep the windows closed and not switch on the rear window heating.

The drying process may cause streaks to form for a short time.

To protect the film optimally, we recommend that you clean the inside regularly with a mild glass cleaner, especially on the window rubbers. Please do not use any agents containing ammonia or methylated spirits for cleaning.

If you follow the care instructions above, we are confident that you will enjoy your Armolan tinting film for many years to come.

Here you can download the assembly instructions to print out

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