What added value do you get from installing a solar control film?

If you are wondering how a window film can help improve your quality of life and how you can additionally save energy and costs, we will clarify this question below. For sure you will find solutions for your glass or windows here.

Technically, self-adhesive window films are PET films with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. The specialization of the respective film, for example, sun protection, privacy protection or even burglary protection, is determined by its individual film structure.

From car tinting film to building film - protective films have many added values to offer and can be used in a very wide range of ways. As a rule, filming gives you one or more additional protective functions at no extra cost!

Energy saving - thermal protection - cold protection

A sun protection film helps to reduce or keep down the room temperatures in summer and improves the indoor climate. In winter, the protection is reversed, the heat remains in the house - the cold outside, thus the use of a window film can reduce energy costs / heating costs.

UV protection films

Because our glass films are equipped with a UV filter that typically filters up to 99% of dangerous UV rays, these films provide significant protection from harmful UV rays, regardless of tinting or mirroring.

Fade protection

At the same time, the UV filter also acts as a protection for your interior - it minimizes fading of colors, carpets and paintings and preserves the value of your interior.

Glare protection - building films indoor installation or building films outdoor installation

Especially in office buildings, good glare protection is useful to avoid annoying reflections at computer workstations and to ensure a pleasant room climate for employees. Even on the road you do not have to do without this option, our car tinting film offers the occupants an effective glare protection while driving and thus helps you arrive at your destination more relaxed.

Privacy films - preservation of privacy

Films that contain a tint reduce or prevent unwanted views through the window into the interior. There are also glass films that are completely opaque, such as frosted glass film, which prevents a view, but does not darken the room, or only insignificantly. For example, a white frosted glass film provides a very pleasant light in the room due to its light diffusion.

Burglary protection - splinter protection through security films

Solar protection films can also serve as your invisible guard protection for private and business buildings. Use security films to retrofit glass surfaces of your building against unwanted intruders and benefit from the shatter protection at the same time. In the event of a glass breakage, the glass shards will still be held in the window frame and will not pose a risk of injury. Since penetration is no longer easily and quickly possible, this usually puts a quick end to break-in attempts. In the event of an accident, foiled car windows also protect against flying glass fragments.

Anti-graffiti films - protection against vandalism

An anti-graffiti film provides a remedy as a protective film in the event of wilful damage by graffiti or other soiling and also provides UV protection. The transparent films can be easily and inexpensively replaced after damage by simply peeling them off and replacing them with new ones.

As you can see, glass films are very versatile and it is impossible to imagine our modern times without them. They protect us from the dangerous parts of the sun's rays and can improve your well-being at home, in the office and even on the road.

A solar control film contributes to your safety and health, preserves the value of your property or goods, and provides an individual look - according to your wishes or taste!