Assembly of a car tinting film in 7 parts

1 - Cleaning the glass surface:

  • Clean the glass surface thoroughly. Pay meticulous attention to the cleanliness of the pane.

2 - Adjust the film:

  • Cut the film of the rear window accordingly. This step only needs to be done roughly for the time being, as the exact cut can only take place after the film has shrunk.

3 - Shrink the film:

  • In order for the film to fit precisely on the window, it must be heated and smoothed with the help of a hot air gun and a suitable installation tool. This so-called shrinking process, as well as the cutting of the film, takes place on the outer rear window of the vehicle.

4 - Explicitly adjust the film:

  • After shrinking the film, the detail cut is made. A backlight can be used to guarantee an exact cut at the screen printing edge.

5 - Removing the liner:

  • Now remove the transparent protective film.

6 - Activation of the adhesive:

  • Spraying on the mounting liquid activates the adhesive of the film

7 - Installing the film:

  • The tinting film can now be stuck to the inner rear window. Use professional tools so that you can scrape the installation solution out from between the window and the film without leaving any residue. The heating of the rear window should not be operated for at least 2 weeks after the film installation.