Series Daytona

Daytona 05

Premium Daytona 05 | 0,50m x 30,48m Car Tinting Film...

Daytona 15

Premium Daytona 15 | 0,50m x 30,48m Car Tinting Film...

Daytona 20

Premium Daytona 20 | 0,50m x 30,48m Car Tinting Film...

Daytona 35

Premium Daytona 35 | 0,50m x 35,48m Car Tinting Film...

Daytona 50

Premium Daytona 50 | 0,50m x 50,48m Car Tinting Film...

Daytona 70

Premium Daytona 70 | 0,50m x 70,48m Car Tinting Film...

Series Daytona

Car Tinting Film

Series Daytona

The Daytona film from Armolan is a non-metallised and non-reflective car tinting film, which has excellent customer references due to its fast drying process.The film has pressure-sensitive adhesive and a scratch-resistant surface coating. The Daytona Series is guaranteed for 7 years against unusual discolouration and peeling of the film.The tinting film has been tested by the Material Testing Office (MPA) in Dortmund and certified by the Federal Motor Transport Authority with a general type approval (ABG).

Short description:

99% UV Rejection
Optical clarity
Non reflective
Scratch-resistant surface coating
Non-metallised PET film
Excellent processing quality
7 years limited warranty
type approval (ABG) available
Relieving the air conditioning system and reducing fuel consumption
No interference with GPS and radio reception, as well as mobile phones

Purchased rolls can be cut to individual widths for an additional charge.
Please note that the complete roll must still be purchased.
The images shown are for reference only, the actual product may differ.