Daytona 50

Please note for the "Delivery possible on request" display - If your desired article is available in the width of 1.52m, we can produce the rolls in 0.51m , 0.76m and 1.01m from it for you at any time!
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Premium Daytona 50 | 0,50m x 50,48m

Car Tinting Film

Series Daytona 50:

Visible Light Transmitance 50%
Available in widths 20" - 30" - 40" - 60"
Length 100'


99% UV Rejection
Optical clarity
Non reflective
Scratch-resistant surface coating
Non-metallised PET film
Excellent processing quality
7 years limited warranty
type approval (ABG) available
Relieving the air conditioning system and reducing fuel consumption
No interference with GPS and radio reception, as well as mobile phones

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