Merchandising: a sales promotion tool

What does merchandising mean?

The word is derived from the word for goods (English merchandise), the English nomen agentis for "merchant" (English merchant), and on this basis means "marketing of goods". The term is explained and used in very different ways and does not allow for a clear definition. When narrowing down this term to more concrete situations, different types of merchandising emerge.(Source: Wikipedia: Merchandising)

In addition to our high-quality glass films, we offer you a selection of equally high-quality advertising materials here, which you can obtain from us at cost price. In addition to printed products such as product and information flyers for our sun protection films, you will also find various advertising banners for your business premises or events. T-shirts in different editions for a uniform appearance can also be found here.

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We are open for new ideas, should you miss something special or have a wish or an idea, just talk to us, we will gladly support you in the presentation of our products.


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