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Professional tools for installing sun protection tinting films

For a professional installation of sun protection film, the professional needs special knowledge about his "material". Only with a special installation tool can an optimal result be achieved in individual work steps, during the application of the films, also saving time! Keyword car films - often the car film has to be squeegeed out in places that are very difficult to reach, which can only be done safely and optimally with a suitable tool for this task.

Tools, such as a simple squeegee, need to be replaced regularly as they must have a clean and intact edge to deliver consistent quality. Squeegees with a felt edge, for very sensitive plastic surfaces, are also available as mounting accessories.

A high-quality result can only be achieved with good tools and careful work. Keyword bubble formation - not only with curved car windscreens, special care must be taken to remove the existing air and liquid when applying the windscreen.

In addition to professional basic equipment for the workplace, there are cleaning fluids and installation fluids that simplify the filming of the window films.

Here is a small overview of the basic equipment that every film tinting specialist should have in his toolbox:

Cutter Knife

The first step in tinting is to cut the selected films to size. A cutter knife with a sharp blade is the best choice. The quality of the blade used has a direct influence on the appearance of the installed window films - a clean and precisely cut edge speaks for itself. Jagged or uneven cuts do not look nice.


Squeegees are available in a wide variety of designs: with or without a handle, harder or softer, and all in different shapes. There is a variant in the range for every step in processing and the preference of the processor. Here, personal preference is the deciding factor. For curved surfaces, a flexible squeegee makes more sense, for flat glass, harder squeegees are more suitable. What all squeegees have in common is that they squeegee out the liquid and air between the film and the glass and install the window film without bubbles.

Pump Spray Bottle

Nothing works without water - nothing "sticks". Our sun protection films are all equipped with a pressure-sensitive acrylic-based mounting adhesive for wet bonding. This offers the advantage that the film can be adjusted on the glass at any time by the water film before squeegeeing. A pump spray bottle is best suited to apply the liquid evenly to both the glass pane and the adhesive side of the films.

Mounting Concentrate

The mounting fluid is a mixture that is made from a special mounting concentrate and the addition of water itself. Alternatively, an installation solution is made from a water - rinsing agent mixture, but this is not recommended by us.

Hot air gun

Not necessary for installation on flat glass (e.g. windows, doors or room dividers) - as soon as the installation is carried out on curved panes, however, it is mandatory. The polyester films are adapted to the shape of the glass pane with a hot air blower during film installation - shrunk - and can only be unrolled without wrinkles or bubbles as a result. 


High-quality installation of the adhesive films is only possible on a really clean glass. A clean pane is absolutely essential for perfect adhesion of the adhesive and the glass scraper is the tool of choice for achieving a really smooth and elegant surface when applying the film. A glass scraper is also ideal for removing any adhesive residue from a previously removed window film or for removing other stubborn dirt. Special cleaning liquids are available to help with this and a scouring pad is also a good aid for cleaning and removing stubborn dirt.

Kevlar Heat Glove

Especially when shrinking car tinting film, it is an unbeatable helper and protection for the hand - a heat-resistant glove made of Kevlar. The shrinking of the tinting film takes place in a temperature range between 275 - 400 degrees Celsius, depending on the film and working method. The glove is ideal for "wiping" the automotive films onto the window - smoothing the film.

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Only professional installation tools for sun protection films allow an optimised workflow and enable a smooth, undamaged and permanently flawless surface!

Additional tools and accessories for applying the sun protection films are adhesive tapes, cutting rails, lint-free cloth and fixing labels or magnets (for film application on cars, you can use the magnetic surfaces) and personal aids that facilitate the work from your own experience when handling the adhesive films or when removing the liner.

Our range of installation tools includes a wide variety of tools such as squeegeehard card queegeetube squeegee oder squeegee with channel - the tools that are known and proven in the industry. In addition, Film On  for the production of an installation solution. Complementary practical items such as a belt pouch and lint-free PVA cloth, not forgetting - one of the most important things when filming: High-quality snap blades and the Cutter knives from the Japanese company Olfa, some of the sharpest and longest-lasting blades on the market.